i think i wrote this a week before giving birth. yes! i gave birth before my scheduled C-Section.

its been a while.. no.. its been a long time since the last day i wrote a blog.. i have been busy at work, plus i am also busy helping my husband with his work when i come home.. ooopps did i just said husband? yes.. i got married last February 19, 2016.. well i think it is about time.. since we were having another baby... we decided to get married and make it really official.. hence, the tight budget.. we finally decided to stick to the plan we planned before way back before we had our first child, a civil wedding and luncheon for few close family and friends. all is well ends well..

Anyhoo, All we thought i was having a baby girl, but when my doctor was about to reveal what the gender of our baby is, she said it is a boy again.. well every baby is a blessing and i am so happy to have to two boys soon. And few weeks more i am about to pop.. right now, i am currently living in a dress.. i am having a hard time wearing anything that deals with bottoms, even underwear. i am currently on my last few weeks, and i am still working.. saving my maternity leave for my little one so that i can take care of him and markee for the rest of the 60 days. I am really excited and nervous at the same time.. because when i had markee, he was a preemie, that is why i had an emergency c-section. right now, my ob recommended that i should have a c-section again because the baby is bigger than expected. Right now, i am preparing everything, i already packed my hospital bag and baby hospital bag. but i still have a list to finish.

okay, today is August 7, 2016..

i gave birth last 25th of July..  we did not expect i was going to give birth that night.. i did not felt any contractions, i only had blood spotting..  i  dont know what to feel.. i was excited and nervous at the same time.. but i did not showed my nervousness to my husband, because he will be more nervous than i am. i just calmed myself.. besides i did not felt any pain at all.. no labor.. the only pain i felt was when the anesthesiologist  was poking my back with that big injection.

i didn't know this wasn't posted! arghh!

posting it right now..

PS: i am so sorry for my readers i've been busy with being a mom and work.

Hello 2016! i hope this time my lazy bones won't get in the way... i love to blog... this year.. i really PROMISE I'd be more active in blogging. last December i was planning to blog about "3 things that's making me happy"   but something keeps in getting the way... late last year i was promoted! i was about to resign in my company, but god made me wait a little more.. then poof! what a Christmas gift! its been raining blessings since December started.

after selling my Toyota town ace, my dad gave me when he was still alive, we bought a new car, a Honda mobilio. perfect for our family, since my mom is not settling to live here at the province anymore. she'll be leaving the car mostly to me haha  and because i don't think my brother is never going to leave ilocos! so I'm part owner of the car :)

 and the greatest gift i received last Christmas was Baby #2. i never announced it online because i'm still not contented just yet because last December i only did the Pregnancy Test. I haven't had my tummy checked until me and my hubby decided its time. when i had my check up, she/he is already big. i even saw her/him moving around my tummy. Prayers are really powerful, I was always praying for baby #2, because markee is so big now and always asking for a little brother but i am hoping and praying for a baby girl. i will be updating you with my pregnancy every month! at last! i will be a mommy of two adorable kids. cant wait til i pop!

i am thanking God for all the blessings we've been receiving and will be receiving.

you what you been u to?


We've been staying in the same roof for almost six years now. we've been through ups and downs, we almost broke up but we tried to work it out. we had markee, when we were just 20, the reason why i have goals in my life.  I never dreamed about a perfect relationship, well in reality there's no such. We fight a lot of times before, now, when we have petty fights after an hour or so, we laugh about how we reacted. haha, For all those years, we've known each other since like forever, its impossible we don't know each other perfectly right? I feel very very comfortable when i am with him. no secrets, no dramas. Our key to a longer relationship is TRUST. Because if you don't know how to trust each other you'll end up fighting, crying or whatever that comes up to your mind. Breaking someone's trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it over but its never gonna be the same again. It happened to us once, i was always overreacting at things, being paranoid, even though he's not doing something. It took me a year to give him a try to trust again. which in the end he gave me reasons why i can give him a chance. Another one is COMMUNICATION. Contempt, the opposite of respect, is often expressed via negative judgment, criticism, or sarcasm regarding the worth of an individual. you know, opposite attracts when one is rough you in the other hand have to be soft. :) don't just nag nag and nag and its pretty much easier if you and your partner talk things out. do not be angry and stay mad at the same time. you'll end up having long cold shoulders if you do that. Communicate, even if its uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply getting everything out.

Staying and keeping your relationship stronger is really hard especially if your relationship had too much struggles. in the end of the day, you should always see the brighter side. ask yourself. why am i still with him? my answer is its called LOVE. the closest thing we have to magic! 

i am not writing these because we have a perfect relationship but because I experienced so many trials and learned some lessons. 



Ola November!

I've been away from blogging for four months now... please be nice to me!  Backlogs backlogs. i have 16 drafts but i don't think i am going to post those. maybe someday. for the past four months, i tried cross-fit then stopped after my sessions were done and then got fat again. wow. (i know right?) i thought i was pregnant but i am not. boooo hooo!

I applied to a call center but never returned their call just because everyone looked like pffft whatever. i always wanted to work abroad but leaving my kid breaks my heart especially at his age, he needs me. Sometimes I don't understand why moms can sacrifice it, but i know i can't, i want to, but i really can't.

 anyhoo, during my birthday month, since i don't want anything big on my birthday i had to pamper myself. me and my bestfriend went out for a footspa and then went to our favorite milk tea house WABI SABI. then drove around the city. after that i took my bestfreind and my family to Gerry's Grill to celebrate my birthday!

 I've also met new found old friends! did you get it? ha ha... i know them, but i don't get to hang with them before like we do now. we have like this mommies night out every Friday, so yes ladies i am back on track but sometimes, i feel guilty whenever i leave the house knowing my kid is still wide awake telling me "mama, don't be so late" me answering him back "i'll be home when you wake up babe don't worry" is that what you call separation anxiety? ha ha.

well that's all for today!

Mommy Krisna

As a mom of a five year old, my kid is not always as easy to feed. he is very curious and such a very picky eater. It is a daily challenge for me to ensure that markee eats a balanced meal, have enough energy to manage school and other daily activities. Just like other children, they are active and gets hungry often. that's why i always make him take his vitamins. 

eversince my grandma gave markee gummy vites. markee never forgets to take his vitamins. especially now that there are gummy vitamins that has your child's favorite cartoon character. (well, most of it) my baby loves teenage mutant ninja turtles and spiderman so much! so i requested my grandma to buy markee ninja turtle gummies. 

Just like any other mom’s dilemma, my child became choosy too. I have a hard time convincing him to eat vegetables and fruits, and to take his vitamins regularly. I noticed that he easily get cough and runny nose. Maybe he needed more Vitamin C, so aside from the multivitamins, i also make him take some extra vitamins C. i recently bought scott's vitamin c pastilles, while waiting for the Disney Vitamins C+ we purchased at walmart. 

Scott’s is manufactured in Malaysia and is imported to the Philippines by the well known GlaxoSmithKline Company. It is a vitamin C in pastille candy form. It is an easy to chew vitamin C for kids, ages 3, and adults over 12 years old.

It comes in four berry flavors (black currant, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry) that is packed into one thus called mixed berries. Each pastille contains 30 mg Vitamin C. It has no artificial color or sweetness.

This brand of vitamin C comes into two containers; 1. The 100 gram plastic bottle which has 50 pcs pastilles, and 2. The 30 gram small foil pouch which has 15 pastilles.

1 pastille a day is recommended for kids while 2 can be taken by adults.

i love these vitamins because its candy-like, its easy to let the kids to take because duh! they thought its just candy.!

you?? what's your kids' vitamins?



Tip # 1
Support him in everything.. even the little things..

Me and mark never miss an event his school is having..We make sure he's there watching us and making us proud.

he also gives us drawings, do you know what i do? i put them up on our wall to make him feel that his drawings (even if its silly)are very special to us.. i also hang all his test scores to make him feel we are very proud of him.. markee is a really smart boy though, we always encourage him on what he likes to do.

Tip# 2
Reward him every time he accomplished something good or something he did for the first time! (like ride a bike without training wheels)

me and mark always reward markee with cheat food (fast food) as we call it. markee really love McDonald's and Jollibee. So after work, we go either whatever he likes. sometimes, we reward him with movie dates depends if he like the movie or what. and lastly, sometimes, a toy but not all the time..

in this way, he push his self to strive hard, it really works.

Tip #3
be a role model

set as an example to your child.. monkey see, monkey do..

LISTEN to your child

markee is very good in reasoning, that's why i always hear his shenanigans, as long as it takes. even if his reasons are very silly, i listen, i will always listen.

this way, he'll tell you the truth, he will be never afraid to tell you everything. because once you nag about his fault, he starts to lie, because he'll think if he tells the truth you'll get more even mad.

Tip #5
Never Embarrass your kid in front of everybody

Back when i was little, my mom always scold me in front of everybody, her mouth was like an armalite that never runs out of bullets. that made me do impolite things, like talking back. when i had markee, i told myself never to do the same, we make sure when we discipline markee, we always go to a corner and talk to him in a nice way or when we are in public and he keeps on running and running, i'll make him choose, if he wants to go home na or stay but he will behave.

this way, he'll understand. he'll learn that mommies and daddies are always right.

how do you raise your kid?

The Mommy Muse, 
Momma Krisna

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