How to raise a HAPPY KID

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Tip # 1
Support him in everything.. even the little things..

Me and mark never miss an event his school is having..We make sure he's there watching us and making us proud.

he also gives us drawings, do you know what i do? i put them up on our wall to make him feel that his drawings (even if its silly)are very special to us.. i also hang all his test scores to make him feel we are very proud of him.. markee is a really smart boy though, we always encourage him on what he likes to do.

Tip# 2
Reward him every time he accomplished something good or something he did for the first time! (like ride a bike without training wheels)

me and mark always reward markee with cheat food (fast food) as we call it. markee really love McDonald's and Jollibee. So after work, we go either whatever he likes. sometimes, we reward him with movie dates depends if he like the movie or what. and lastly, sometimes, a toy but not all the time..

in this way, he push his self to strive hard, it really works.

Tip #3
be a role model

set as an example to your child.. monkey see, monkey do..

LISTEN to your child

markee is very good in reasoning, that's why i always hear his shenanigans, as long as it takes. even if his reasons are very silly, i listen, i will always listen.

this way, he'll tell you the truth, he will be never afraid to tell you everything. because once you nag about his fault, he starts to lie, because he'll think if he tells the truth you'll get more even mad.

Tip #5
Never Embarrass your kid in front of everybody

Back when i was little, my mom always scold me in front of everybody, her mouth was like an armalite that never runs out of bullets. that made me do impolite things, like talking back. when i had markee, i told myself never to do the same, we make sure when we discipline markee, we always go to a corner and talk to him in a nice way or when we are in public and he keeps on running and running, i'll make him choose, if he wants to go home na or stay but he will behave.

this way, he'll understand. he'll learn that mommies and daddies are always right.

how do you raise your kid?

The Mommy Muse, 
Momma Krisna

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