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Ola November!

I've been away from blogging for four months now... please be nice to me!  Backlogs backlogs. i have 16 drafts but i don't think i am going to post those. maybe someday. for the past four months, i tried cross-fit then stopped after my sessions were done and then got fat again. wow. (i know right?) i thought i was pregnant but i am not. boooo hooo!

I applied to a call center but never returned their call just because everyone looked like pffft whatever. i always wanted to work abroad but leaving my kid breaks my heart especially at his age, he needs me. Sometimes I don't understand why moms can sacrifice it, but i know i can't, i want to, but i really can't.

 anyhoo, during my birthday month, since i don't want anything big on my birthday i had to pamper myself. me and my bestfriend went out for a footspa and then went to our favorite milk tea house WABI SABI. then drove around the city. after that i took my bestfreind and my family to Gerry's Grill to celebrate my birthday!

 I've also met new found old friends! did you get it? ha ha... i know them, but i don't get to hang with them before like we do now. we have like this mommies night out every Friday, so yes ladies i am back on track but sometimes, i feel guilty whenever i leave the house knowing my kid is still wide awake telling me "mama, don't be so late" me answering him back "i'll be home when you wake up babe don't worry" is that what you call separation anxiety? ha ha.

well that's all for today!

Mommy Krisna

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