blessing after a blessing

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Hello 2016! i hope this time my lazy bones won't get in the way... i love to blog... this year.. i really PROMISE I'd be more active in blogging. last December i was planning to blog about "3 things that's making me happy"   but something keeps in getting the way... late last year i was promoted! i was about to resign in my company, but god made me wait a little more.. then poof! what a Christmas gift! its been raining blessings since December started.

after selling my Toyota town ace, my dad gave me when he was still alive, we bought a new car, a Honda mobilio. perfect for our family, since my mom is not settling to live here at the province anymore. she'll be leaving the car mostly to me haha  and because i don't think my brother is never going to leave ilocos! so I'm part owner of the car :)

 and the greatest gift i received last Christmas was Baby #2. i never announced it online because i'm still not contented just yet because last December i only did the Pregnancy Test. I haven't had my tummy checked until me and my hubby decided its time. when i had my check up, she/he is already big. i even saw her/him moving around my tummy. Prayers are really powerful, I was always praying for baby #2, because markee is so big now and always asking for a little brother but i am hoping and praying for a baby girl. i will be updating you with my pregnancy every month! at last! i will be a mommy of two adorable kids. cant wait til i pop!

i am thanking God for all the blessings we've been receiving and will be receiving.

you what you been u to?

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