TMNT Gummies, SpiderMan Gummies & Scott's Vitamins C!

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As a mom of a five year old, my kid is not always as easy to feed. he is very curious and such a very picky eater. It is a daily challenge for me to ensure that markee eats a balanced meal, have enough energy to manage school and other daily activities. Just like other children, they are active and gets hungry often. that's why i always make him take his vitamins. 

eversince my grandma gave markee gummy vites. markee never forgets to take his vitamins. especially now that there are gummy vitamins that has your child's favorite cartoon character. (well, most of it) my baby loves teenage mutant ninja turtles and spiderman so much! so i requested my grandma to buy markee ninja turtle gummies. 

Just like any other mom’s dilemma, my child became choosy too. I have a hard time convincing him to eat vegetables and fruits, and to take his vitamins regularly. I noticed that he easily get cough and runny nose. Maybe he needed more Vitamin C, so aside from the multivitamins, i also make him take some extra vitamins C. i recently bought scott's vitamin c pastilles, while waiting for the Disney Vitamins C+ we purchased at walmart. 

Scott’s is manufactured in Malaysia and is imported to the Philippines by the well known GlaxoSmithKline Company. It is a vitamin C in pastille candy form. It is an easy to chew vitamin C for kids, ages 3, and adults over 12 years old.

It comes in four berry flavors (black currant, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry) that is packed into one thus called mixed berries. Each pastille contains 30 mg Vitamin C. It has no artificial color or sweetness.

This brand of vitamin C comes into two containers; 1. The 100 gram plastic bottle which has 50 pcs pastilles, and 2. The 30 gram small foil pouch which has 15 pastilles.

1 pastille a day is recommended for kids while 2 can be taken by adults.

i love these vitamins because its candy-like, its easy to let the kids to take because duh! they thought its just candy.!

you?? what's your kids' vitamins?


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