Happily, Ever, After

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i think i wrote this a week before giving birth. yes! i gave birth before my scheduled C-Section.

its been a while.. no.. its been a long time since the last day i wrote a blog.. i have been busy at work, plus i am also busy helping my husband with his work when i come home.. ooopps did i just said husband? yes.. i got married last February 19, 2016.. well i think it is about time.. since we were having another baby... we decided to get married and make it really official.. hence, the tight budget.. we finally decided to stick to the plan we planned before way back before we had our first child, a civil wedding and luncheon for few close family and friends. all is well ends well..

Anyhoo, All we thought i was having a baby girl, but when my doctor was about to reveal what the gender of our baby is, she said it is a boy again.. well every baby is a blessing and i am so happy to have to two boys soon. And few weeks more i am about to pop.. right now, i am currently living in a dress.. i am having a hard time wearing anything that deals with bottoms, even underwear. i am currently on my last few weeks, and i am still working.. saving my maternity leave for my little one so that i can take care of him and markee for the rest of the 60 days. I am really excited and nervous at the same time.. because when i had markee, he was a preemie, that is why i had an emergency c-section. right now, my ob recommended that i should have a c-section again because the baby is bigger than expected. Right now, i am preparing everything, i already packed my hospital bag and baby hospital bag. but i still have a list to finish.

okay, today is August 7, 2016..

i gave birth last 25th of July..  we did not expect i was going to give birth that night.. i did not felt any contractions, i only had blood spotting..  i  dont know what to feel.. i was excited and nervous at the same time.. but i did not showed my nervousness to my husband, because he will be more nervous than i am. i just calmed myself.. besides i did not felt any pain at all.. no labor.. the only pain i felt was when the anesthesiologist  was poking my back with that big injection.

i didn't know this wasn't posted! arghh!

posting it right now..

PS: i am so sorry for my readers i've been busy with being a mom and work.

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