Surprise! Surprise!

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Mommy Muse Mondays Presents: Surprise! Surprise!

last week, I got to catch up with my best friend.. who just gave birth to a baby girl.. wow.. a mom of two.. how i wish it's that fast to have a baby girl. i would love to have a mini me.. if only we can sure that if i get pregnant it's a baby girl. markee always tells us that he wants a brother/sister especially when he's playing alone.. how i wish markee.. how i wish it's that easy... sorry for not blogging for a long time..because you know...i work for 8 hours and mommy/wife duties after.. ME TIME is not on my list. Markee is now having his vacation at Manila right now with his lola (grandma). a day without my baby feels so lonely.. :( even if im with mark, nothing beats the feeling when markee is around.. hmmm.. how miss my baby.. 

Anyhoo, I've been looking for a perfect study table for markee, I've looked online, but the shipping fee is too expensive for my budget, i tried looking at the mall but its too big for our house, there's this one shopping center here in our city that sells cheap homegoods, luckily, i found one that is similar as what i saw at and its half the price! so i bought it immediately because its spiderman and it's one of markee's favorite character, why shouldn't i buy for my lil smarty pants.!?

this is exactly how it looks. perfect for my smart lil boy!

cant wait for my baby to come home and see what's his reaction when he sees what we bought him when he was away. school supplies shopping when you get here babe! i miss you so much!

love, Mommy Krisna

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