sugar, were going down..

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its hard to regain trust if you're holding back to the past.
I'm happy that we are happy. 
its about time we give and then take.
i never wished for a very perfect relationship.
normal is boring. and we are weird.. oh no! i am weird.
but he loves my forever awkwardness 


filling up our room with happy thoughts and happy memories.
this is the best summer for us.

top and shoes: h&m kids
shorts: random dept. store
fedora hat: sm accessories 
sunnies: thrift

tried something new for markee.. 
since he only own baseball caps 
why not try a fedora hat. 
i've been seeing kids who wears a fedora and it looked good.. 
i struggled finding one, 
good thing we went to baguio and found this dark blue one. 

more fedora hats on wednesday! :)
hope your loving it.

you can also follow markee's instagram account. 
one like wont hurt : )

please do follow for more likes. :)

one more week and its back to school for markee :) 

we'll be shopping for school supplies next weekend!

how was you're weekend?

love, mommy krisna

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