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markee is really hard to handle now that he is 4 years old.
but being a  mom at 24 is fun and hard at the same time.
i am a working mom.. i don't have my 24/7 time with markee.. but usually during my breaks and weekend 
we always make sure we bond. 

before i wasn't a mommy yet.
i always told myself "i will never spank my child, whatever happens"
i didn't know disciplining a child is harder than i thought..
when markee does something i dont want.. there are times that he listens but most of the time he doesn't.
and i constantly remind him everything don't do this.. don't  do that.. thank god he listens to me..
but my husband is having a hard time when it comes to letting markee listen to him
when markee and marklaw are together it's always play time. maybe that's why markee doesn't believes in his papa.. 

i'll share you a my disciplining skills. haha
when i and my siblings were a kid.. when never got spanked by our dad.
he discipline us by "facing wall and standing in a corner" for an hour or two until we realize that we were wrong. 
and tada! that's how we punish markee but in a different way
since he's still young, i let him sit on an green ottoman..
that's the reason why when i start to talk and scold him. he immediately stops what he's doing..
he may be a hard headed boy, but one thing more
when you are in a public place..
don't scold/spank your child when there are people around..
you don't like your kid to feel embarrassed in front of his friends..
do it privately.. maybe he'll realize what he did was wrong..


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how about you??
how do you discipline your child?
i hope you're having a good day!

love, mommy krisna

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