my soul sister.

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i have two brother's and a sister, but my sister and i didn't shared the most common things, and you know she is half-gendered.. well if that's a word. i dont want to call her anything but that. the only thing we have in common is we both drink a lot of beer and never get drunk.well a little tipsy. but not that really drunk. well, beer is always in our blood. it shows.. :) eversince we grew up, our family bonds over drinking sessions. my mom even prepares a lot of pulutan when my brother come home to visit..

anyhoo, i have this friend..
i knew her through her fiancee klyde, who is a very good friend of mine..
we met at their house while we are having some FEW beers! (PS i dont have a drinking problem, i only drink OCCASIONALLY)
and ever since i posted a quote, and accidentally tagged everyone i knew at facebook and didn't notice i tagged her. we got closer and closer everyday. because we shared a lot of things in common..
one day, she invited to a mommies night out.. and i always make my brother to come tag along with us.. markee and kylene  were only months old back then.. and that didn't stop there.. it become every week.. every month.. and markee and kylene grew.. they were so hard to leave at night. night outs were hard to happen. when the kids finally started studying.. of course! we decided we'd enroll the kids at the same school. luckily, i got assigned with another job and i got the chance to bring markee to school.

me and her share a lot of things. she became one of my best closest girlfriend.!
her name is jesha. :)
(c) rehgs castro

knowing jesha, she can be nice and mean at the same time!
that's why i call her my soul sister..because we are alike!
 we always get that "is she your sister?" thing..
i know right. 
we may be dont look a like.. but we think the same..
its a bestfriend feeling.. when you know its her.. its her.. :)

whenever i have problems, she's there to back me up. whether its love life or family.. i always tell her everything. when i call her in the middle of the night.. and ask her if i can come over, even if she's sleepy.. 
she never hesitate to accompany me.. 
she was always there for me.. 
she saw me cry
she saw me laugh.. 
if we were a couple..
i would marry her!

her best advice is 


i thank god for giving me a good friend like her.. i can't even picture myself without her in my life.. 
because very SOON.. they'll be migrating to the US. 
but that's ok.. atleast i there's skype and viber.. 
the internet will do its job. :)

i love you to the moon and back. 


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