rekindled LOVE

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i am so glad with what's happening to our life right now..
more bonding..
more dates..
more family time..
more going to the cinemas..
more GOOD friends..

maybe we need to get hurt first and feel the pain.. just to know how precious our life and family is..
well i guess.

i wish i didn't felt the pain..
because it stressed me out..
felt so down
felt giving up..
but i didn't gave up.
i stood and fought for what's right. and what is ours ..
if  i was as bad and mean  like i was before back when i was still studying. i would've given her.. her greatest nightmare but i didn't because im changed.. and im nice.. im a mom and i have priorities.. unlike her, i will not.. i mean i will never hurt someone unless! you hit me first..well enough said.. but im praying for her.. i hope god will lead her the right way.. i hope.. she wont ruin another family.. like what she did to mine..

the past just made us stronger..
i always look back and reminisce.. but i always think not only twice but many times as possible.. what matter is.. we are happy.. perfectly imperfect but always contented on what we have.. if ever it will happen again ..well, every girl knows what will happen next.

that was a long introduction.

anyhoo, me and my love went to baguio.. for our advance anniversary celebration.. it wasn't planned but it happened ..  well it was GREAT!
i never felt this happy when he told me, we are going to celebrate it in baguio.. with our click city family of course!.. I've been enjoying myself being with them .. now i understand why my love always wants to go there.. :) always makes me laugh!

and we were like couples on on a road trip..
we travelled in 3 groups.
in our group, there are 2 couples including us..
and 3 single and looking for someone boys. haha

my love and his buddies rode their motorcycles.
and 4 of us was tagged along at the van. 
and yes i know.. boys are so brave. 
i wish i'm brave like them.  

we arrived at baguio 11-ish AM
which is good if your travelling with a low budget. 
all the 7 in our group stayed in the same room.
the room was inexpensive

after resting..
we went out for an early dinner.. because we haven't had lunch yet and we were too hungry.
this is why we do not have pictures while eating.. because we were so hungry as long as the food lands on the table.. we immediately eat the food like a lion. haha well not literally.

after eating, since its starting to get dark. 
we decided to go at SM
went shopping for markee.. 
and mr. grumpy got mad at me because it took me hours shop. 

after shopping.. its night life time.. this is why me and hubby decided not to bring markee with us because i have to watch markee while he enjoys the night. and you cannot bring kids in a bar. 

me, ate mel and her boyfie kuya jude came a little late. because we were too tired..
instead of having dinner, we had beers and pulatans. haha
didn't get drunk at all.. maybe its because its cold.

it was a fine chilly night. 
i wish its cold in our province. :)

cheesssssy but it worked!! 
probably one of the pictures i dont like because i looked like so pale. 
atleast the lipstick does her job. 

forgot to tell you that im an four eyed weirdo now.. 

mimicking storm of X-MEN. 
i know its a fail.

me, ate mel and donna
and of course. my love!! 

who doesnt drink beer! 

on our way home.. 
notice how tired i am?

ate mel & i didn't get the chance to take pictures at minesview and the mansion
because everyone's in a rush.

well at least it ended well :) 

how's your vacation doing this summer? 

love, mommy krisna

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