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as i see my baby grow. bigger. taller. smarter. naughtier. at the same time the most sweetest boy in the world.
i want to say, DONT GROW UP TOO FAST MY LOVE.. 
but as the days come and go.. everything happens for a reason. 
its worth the pain my love just for you to be HAPPY. 
Only for you. whatever you want baby love.
mama will always be here no matter what! 

if you've read my previous blog.. 
you probably know why i stopped blogging because of SOMEONE.
what happened in the past gave me the courage to blog again. 
to show them no one can stop me. 
keep laughing and lets see who will have the last laugh

somehow, the blogger in me didn't stopped there.. 
thanks to instagram.. i was inspired by those accounts that features kids that are fashionable.
and then i thought of markee joining my bandwagon. (but obviously he's taking over my blog.)
why not right? i am his mom. and i dress him up. 
little girls aren't the only fashionable kids on the block. LITTLE DUDES TOO! 

living in province that has only 1 teenie weenie mall and some small department stores is very HARD
i can't hardly think that i could find any good pieces for markee here in ilocos..
ilocos norte is a 12-hour drive to manila by land. and going to manila is really hard to happen. because i always work on sundays (yes im a overtime whore) and its a waste of money if i go to manila and shop. someone could do that for me.  
 lucky  me those "shopping malls" have some good clothes.
BUT! finding a good loafers and boat shoes here gave me a rough time. i almost went to all the malls here and i only found a cheap but good quality and its OK. 

outfit from head to toe: all thrift! 

if you're reading this. someone's someone. and a friend of my friend. YES i am talking to you. 
look at my son's smile. he's happy. DONT TAKE THAT AWAY
karma always bites.  

and i know you know who you are. 
stand where you're allowed to stand. 
don't just barge into someone's life. 
and for the record i know you. and i know what kind of person you are. 
don't ever mess with my family again. 
go and make you're own family. 
not with what's already MINE

well enough said. 
what happened to me there. emotional trauma. whatever. 
i hope you had a good weekend. 
just came home from baguio and bought markee some goodies. 
and i cant wait to let him wear it! 

see you next week!! 


MRS. k.racho 
signing off! 

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