heart broken no more!

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i didn't appreciated the song clarity until now..
the song kept on running on mind.
the lyrics really hit me. :)

well, this is me blogging again.. after 3 months of rest! that's enough. :) i tried to convince myself not to blog again. but i cant. i just really cant leave my passion. what else? the number of my backlogs are getting bigger everyday. but i am not planning to post those. :)

so the reason why i stopped blogging because i got my HEART BROKEN...pained, stressed, depressed, everyday sleep deprived.. but not anymore. I feel renewed, free and LOVED again. SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP.  some girls just don't know how act and be a lady. some girls just don't know where to stand.  

anyhoo, last Sunday we went out for a play date with one of my best friend jesha and her cutie little princess kylene. my son markee and kylene goes to the same school. ever since they we're babies, we didn't want them apart! haha. they even had a photo taken at a studio when they we're about to turn 2 i think.

[ denim top: SM dept. store; skort/skirt: forever 21; sandals: cotton on; watch: style & co]

I've been looking for a perfect pair of sandals and i saw this one at cotton on!
its so simple and it can go with anything :) 
its stripes. and its very casual. i can put on them on right away if we are in hurry :)

(i am so sorry for the clothesline i didn't thought of removing it before taking a picture)

what i like about this skirt is you don't have to wear shorts underneath. maybe that's why its called skort
skirt with shorts! 
my watch is not really that expensive.
i am not a really big fan of watches.. style & co is definitely affordable. saw it online! :) 
its given to me by my grangran i like this better than the anne klein watch.
(been eyeing for a gold one though!)

of course! this post wont be complete without a picture of my unico and his ootd. 
head to toe 

pants & shirt : sm dept. store
loafers: elle

took this little boy to mc donald's with jesha and kylene. 
didn't brought my camera with me. because i am with this little boy. he already broke 2 of my cameras that's why i am taking good care of little and only camera

follow my son at instagram 

so you'll be seeing me every two weeks i guess? 

how's you're heart lately?

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