best of my MARKEE

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too good to be true.
but yes he is all mine!
he is markee
3 & 1/2 years old
he goes to school
mommy's little trendsetter

who says boys cant be fashionable too?
who doesn't want her child to look good in public?
well, me? i love styling my little man.. 
even if sometime he does not want to wear the clothes i want him to wear :) 
this cranky pants all got it from his mama. 
kidding! well most are from his papa. 

my son was finally featured to an account called @igkiddies on instagram (go follow for more likes!)
was really happy because he has a few or more likers. 

can you suggest other hair cuts for this little cutie?

more pictures on instagram
if you haven't seen it yet 
go follow

Love, Mommy Krisna

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