Roomspiration: Accessories Holder

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how i organize my accesories.. 

eversince i was in college, well actually high school.. i started loving different kind of accesories, costumed jewelry, earrings , especially necklaces.. this statement pieces makes me feel more confident.. and it bring a Huge BAM on my plain outfit.. :) i own a lot of plain tops.. whites black and gray are my favorite color when it comes to tops... 

before, i was so in love with butterflies. and i always stick to one color specially PINK. (who doesn't ) but not anymore.. i tried new things.. i grew up. started to dress up and left the old me.. the avril lavigne me.. :) (haha i was really obsessed with avril then) enough about the past.. im blogging this to show you how i organize my accessories. i dont have a huge collection of accesorries but i'll show you how my organizing technique works for me.. :) 

this little thing here is a cupcake holder.. i used this to hold my earrings on the top and bangles' , watch and anything that you put on wrist stays below.. i always want to buy an accessory tree but my grangran told me it would jumble up all jewelry..

bought this from a department store 

i live in my parent's house for now.. i mean my mom needs us right now.. 
i only have few here in the pic because the rest are in our house. :)

if you know me well, you know how i love to watch youtube.. actually i found a video of this girl showing her room and every detail of her room..she turned the cupcake holder to a perfume holder so i had this idea why not put my accessories on a cupcake holder. so tadaahhh! great idea for me

all my necklaces are just hanging ... just hanging :) haha oh you know what i mean!!

these are my basic accessories the most used and abused accessories i use :)

not bragging anything... 
i only have few ... its not an obession.. maybe a little bit.. :) haha

i hope i gave you an idea how to organize or accessories 

how do you organize your accessories?

love, krisna

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