my little trendsetter

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who said you can only dress up  little girls? well, for me having a little boy is harder than i thought.. my son is really hyperactive and never gets tired. before i only let him wear a basic tshirt, pants or shorts then shoes..

 its really hard for me to understand what boys wear.. finally found everything at instagram.
browsed hashtags and tada! it gave me an idea..  bought everything i want and need for markee.. haha.. 
we live in the province, so no big malls here.. thank god i bought some clothes from H&M last time we went in HK.. now i only have few pieces to buy for my little boy. cant wait for the other stuff i ordered online!

 so starting from now. my blog will be all about my family and mommy duties. maybe a mommy blog!(but i am not giving up with my style diary! just includiong my son with my style diary ) its hard to be a stage mom and working mom at the same time! but who says i cant? im super mom!! 

here are some of pictures of my little   trendsetter taken from my phone.

still learning!! 

(sorry for low resolution, i only used my iphone) 


love, krisna

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