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the only two boys who makes me laugh real hard til i cry.. 
yes, these two are my boys.. and i so blessed have them 

grocery time 

i know we had ups and downs.. and i know some of those downs are maybe on its way.. but i don't give a flying f*ck. i know we can make things go right where it belongs. even if rains on our parade. through think and thin.. nothing's gonna stop us..

patiently waiting.. shopping time!

because we love blue. ha!

everyday is family day.. no need to set dates.. because we can bond anytime.. anywhere.. everyday is playtime.. we set aside harsh dilemmas.. the longest fight we had was... 5 days of not talking to each other.. but a little angel told me that, that's not how it works.. soooo.. sooo.. as soon as i decided to talk to him.. he made the first move.. and he always does.. even if in other's eyes.. even his exes big eyes.(sorry im not sorry).. i dont mind if you tell me his not perfect or his not worth it.. because for me i know he went through a lot.. i mean big time.. need i say more? let's call him imperfect... :) because i am the other half that makes him whole and perfect.. haha cheesy? not.. but im telling  you i dont need a knight with shining armor.. :) all i need is my man. my best friend til the very end..


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