you're wrong when it's right.

day by day i meet new people get to know them
and realize that some people are just pure abusive 
taking advantage of your kindness 
i hope my dad sees these
he was blinded by these people who fooled him and let him believe that what they are showing is real
my dad was always a shoulder to lean on.
but some people took advantage of his generousness 
shame on you people 
i hope God blesses you all.
i am thankful for what i have.
a simple happy life.


i am so proud of myself because two weeks in training and i think i'm getting used to three job titles in a day. haha.. i mean i can be my boss' secretary, customer service to concessionaires and commercial aide all rolled in to one.
very tiring but what the heck, atleast i am learning :)

having no yaya is so hard. 
i just fired our yaya 2 weeks ago because she's really getting on my nerves. 
and her salary is above the yaya rate. 
and she barely takes care of my son, because my little boy is living with his lola 
so why not get rid of that big texting freak. 
luckily, my mom-in-law got us a new yaya. :)
cheers to that.
enough about that.


earlier at the office i enjoyed being a customer service assistant
even if its so hard dealing with different people and different smell haha i dont know why other people can last a day being stinky and sweaty and everything i think that is gross. 


outfit of the day!
all black all day. 
since i am still mourning for my dad's death
i am only allowed to wear black and white.. or anything that is not bright. 
so tada!

this is my favorite accessory ever since it arrived 
statement necklace, bibs are my thing.. :) 

no i am not having a haircut

Accesorries: Macys
Pants: Penshoppe
Top: thift.:)

taluhin nyo ang mermaid hair ko. 

 hope your having a great weekend!!!!!

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