Oops i did it again.

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rampang ganda kinni kinni year 2
and yes i had my carrie bradshaw moment 
curled my hair and dressed up like i'm going to a party

haha. oooops i tripped!

you know the ones that are in the middle of the street that looks like crystals? (well i dont actually know what they call them) but anyhoo, i accidentally stepped on it and i tripped.. booohoooo i had my miriam quiambao moment, mixed emotion! 
last Friday was my most embarrassing moment 
i cant believe i tripped in my favorite chunky heels and in "public" in the middle of a parade yes!
and instead of  crying i laugh at myself! hahaha
my favorite chunky forever 21 shoes failed me. 

but i still look pretty though!
keribels. :)
and oh!! i already bought an iphone 5!
i gave in. :)
even though im stuck between s3 and iphone 5 before

hope youre having a good time!!!!!

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