KrisNa on Instagram: February

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maybe some of know me as tynee and the question is "why is this girl calling herself krisna?" well maybe most of you doesn't know what real name is.. it is actually "kristianne nastassia" my friend jean from college thought that since my nick name "tynee" is so past my childhood, she revamped my name to KRISNA. all of a sudden i think i can go with that.! so there! since i am not a kid no more why not call myself krisna, anyway   it's from my real name after all. :) i don't want to forget my name tynee because i am the last child my dad had given a weird nick name after my kuya "pewee" btw my dad's nick name is peanuts, haha weaird but it works! and i don't know why my dad gave me a nick name tynee.. :) so yeah.

anyhoo, in case you haven't followed me yet at instagram 
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instagram: krisnastassia

my life in insta : February 

ate tin and me during coronation

my not so little boy


found this picture at our old house.
this is my  great lola and lolo

me. long hair, dont care

markee's playdate with kylene chanel

our version of the mistress

markee and chanel

old addiction of min cleaning all my closet so that i can post my room tour blog edition!

my dad and mom during my mom's birthday at fort ilocandia
dad and markee; dinner at max's

first selfie for the month of feb

markee's first face paint
and for the first time he was not afraid of a clown

happy with the outcome

me , nika and my dad.. thursday throwback

my office mate rodessa, first time i ever saw wearing a really bright lippie
so i took a picture of her.. hee

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