love me for me.


hi ..
i cant believe its already 2013!
im really excited
i wonder what's going to happen this year
more luck and good health please.

this was my last friday of the year 2012
thank god i have two cameras. my son broke my other camera :( he accidentally dropped it during xmas eve :{ but that's okay cant decide what to buy this year so my son gave me a reason to buy a new camera this 2013
very soon not now i have tons of bills to pay this month
 maybe feb? i dont know, next week? the soooooonest!!

and of course
thank you to  my ever patient photographer tawnn

this is our favorite spot
200 steps to get here.
from our office
2 minutes if you'll run fast.

shoes: forever 21; red pants; sheer blouse; watch: betseyville

how was your last friday of 2012?

what i got this Christmas coming up next!

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