don't let it rain on my parade

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i just heard that the family house in manila was already sold to another family. 
this is my last picture at bf homes

boo... goodbye BF Homes, Pque. i will miss you so much!!
and hello Astoria Plaza condo!

hmmmm.. i hope i can deal with this condo thing forever. :)


since my package already arrived last Thursday I just have to wear my new goodies
1.       Top: forever21
2.       Pants: DICKIES
3.       Shoes: Betsey Ville by Betsey Johnsons
4.       Bag: Mossimo (my everyday bag from now on well depends on what I am wearing specially my uniforms, but I am feeling that it can go with everything)
5.       Accessories: all from the City of angels. Gift from the grangran
6.       Watch: Lots n Lots of Ti Black: Betsey Ville by Betsey Johnsons

So there you go.. I am so sorry I’m having trouble posting new stuff. I’ve been busy with work plus the internet at home is all fucked up. 

since i do not uload pictures at facebook here's a picture of my ojts' plus ate michelle

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