i trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss

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my favorite place in the house.

one lazy saturday!!

1. Tube Top
2. Shorts&Belt: Forever21
3.Sandals: Grenda

Didn’t you notice that I don’t usually have an accessory on? Maybe because I’m always in a rush that I always forgot to put on my watch or any accessory that would go with my outfit.  Haha anyhoo, I was out with the guys last Friday night. That was even an accident getting together contacted the girls in our barkada but they couldn’t come. Some of them are even not reached. Sooooo as always I was one of the boys.  My love won’t even allow me but what the heck these guys are part of my life… “High school life” they were the ones who taught us to brave and never let us down whenever some of us are falling. Geeeez… how I miss high school… yet my college days, I always had guy friends, I have girl friends but they couldn’t be as fun as I am. I don’t know why I am so close to boys, maybe because they are fun-er than my girl friends… and they never run out of things to laugh at. Hahahaha.

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