There goes my hero.

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spaghetti and chicken madness night.
last week was pay day 
so i had to make our dinner special
yes im learning how to cook..
and my specialty is spaghetti. haha reaally.
i think i have my moms powers in cooking.
i wish!

this is what i wore last sunday!

bangles: thrift.
watch ESPRIT

this bag and shoes was a gift from my grandma.!
yes almost all of my stuff are gifts from my mom and grandma.
thanks naman.
here's a picure of "HER"
i am the only GIRL in the family sooooo.. haha i have a sister but she's a dude. hehe

just because i posted something that goes with your life right now doesnt mean its about you
may natamaan yata sa post ko sa twitter,
she's asking if i know anyhting about her
MISTRESS ka din teh?
extra extra read all about it. 
i know your deepest darkest secret.
well a secret is a secret.
i wont spill anything against her.
little two birds. 
one is her ex
one is her bestfriend
go figure.
enough with that i was shocked lang when someone asked me directly if i know anything about her, and i dont know her that well naman, we're not even friends, in fact the post was not about her.
i cant spill anything that can make her life miserable, but i know someone can.
this "someone" even told me, she's saying mean stuff about me. 
dahilan para magalit ako? oh no, im not like that. 
god bless nlang.


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