im on the top of the world with ur love.

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i love this so so much.
thank you to my baby brothaa!


this song has no connection on my blog. its just that i cant stop singing it. haha

last friday.
okay, i said this like the nth time,
friday is the only day i can wear anything i want
you know dress up.

watch: ESPRIT
beaded bracelet: gift
bangles: all from the US. thank you to my fashionista grandma
will post some of my grandma's picture soon.
she looks so young.!

Feathered Earrings: Thrift.

hello there metal mouth! .. i had braces way back highschool (they always tease me "betty" you know the girl with braces & eye glasses) but no bully can bully a bully! got it removed then
metal mouth again now.

yes you read it right, i was a bully back in elementary and highschool.
used to be a bad girl
but look what i ended up to
a nice and kind mom!
just because im a mom doesnt mean anyone can push me around.

shoes: Forever 21
Denim Vest;top: RobDept.Store
Floral Dress Used as skirt: Thrift!

since im late again
i wore this.


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