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Is it funny how times seem to slip away so fast? One minute you’re happy then you’re not.

Bad vibes.  

After what happened I haven’t recovered what that bitch said about me. First person who read it was my mom, my dad, nika and then here comes my friends. Well I don’t even give a flying fuck. I didn’t pretend and made-up anything so bitch please, you can say everything you want to say. But you’re not me hunny. How could you, you don’t even know me that well. And as if you know everything eh mahilig ka lang naman sa chicmis. Just because you have a lot friends doesn’t mean you’re nice. You big fat meanie!
Kung makapagsalita ka tagos. Pero eto sasabihin ko sa’yo, You will never have my forgiveness. You better investigate and try a little harder to make everyone believe with your fabricated words.

Bitch you better watch out.

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