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Somehow sometimes I think I don’t fit in; I think I don’t even know what my dream job is. I always want to be a writer but I’m too lazy to come up with something. Thinking, I don’t even have too much to do. I do have a lot of free time but when I get home from work, I’m really darn tired , thank god I have the most awesome, hard-headed but sweet little boy markee.. My life, my everything.  He is the reason why I’ve changed. And how I outgrown all the things that makes me happy in a bit but have no sense at all. I may go out on weekends but not every time, I always make an excuse to be with the two man who made my life very consequential.

   Back in the days, my hobby was writing, not the typical “skilled writing”, you know, more like a journal. Most of my blogs were all about my hubby marklaw, now, I don’t even know what to write because I am busy being happy… ever since I had this feeling I got lazy. And all I want to do is remember all the things that are phenomenon to our lives.  I even got a scrapbook before. Now, all I have is an external hard drive with all the pictures and videos we have :) maybe when I’ll get the chance I will develop all the pictures. haha

Here is what I wore on our free day!

Tada! Maxi white dress… it’s the very first time I wore something like this in the office, I would always wear jeans or dresses above my knee but I don’t know what came in to me that made me wore this.  I awfully want to change but my ojts’ said it’s pretty. parang tanga lang. J but loved it first but since the weather is so windy, can’t stand my skrit flowing back and forth, thank god I always wear shorts. Imagine how I walk up to a rocky stairs that is more than 20 big steps EVERYDAY.  those stairs Damaged all my shoes. This is why I always wear flats. but even if i'm tall i cam still rock with my high heels.


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