Christmas is Near.

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okay I've been busy because of Christmas shopping and i haven't bought anything for our katulongs' yet. planning to give jam a phone but she already bought one last week. hmm.. i don't know what to give her. twalya nalang kaya! haha. para naman hindi iisa ginagamit nya. lol. jk.

wish list? i think i wont be having one this year, i already bought everything i want markee to have on christmas. :) all the toys i want for him to play with. maybe new year's resolution. haha.. hubby and i are planning to quit smoking. can we do that ? is it possible? really? i hope so..

as long as its for my son's sake. why cant we do it right.?


its only the three of us on christmas.! .. will drop by to my parents' house then back to our house after. geeeee.. was planning to cook spaghetti but my mom will cook lasagna. i really dont know how to cook pancit. i can only cook pastas' hehe. i dont know what to cook yet. hmmmm.. :) i cant even decide but i have lots of pulutan to cook! hehehe everything's prepared, except for the dinner meal. :P 
me blogging.

anyhow, Happy Holidays to all of you! i hope all  of you will have a Merry Christmas!

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