little bully.

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does he looks like a bully?
well i don't think so.. :)

he behaves well at class.
he behaves well at home.

but when its playtime he gets a little carried away, 
sometimes, he pushes kids, kick and even punch them. but i don't think he'll do that on purpose.
my son watches different kinds of cartoons and movies. 
he loves spiderman and the ninja turtles a ton!
sometimes, he acts like them when we are playing.
maybe he's just defending himself or they're just playing around. 

{ denim button-down: ralph lauren ; shorts, shoes & Aviator: Thrift }

no he is not wearing a prescription glasses, thank you very much!

{glasses: thrift}

look at him he's such an angel :)

how was your day doing?


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