90's tag!!

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i am definitely a 90's kid because i grew up in the 90's..  i was born august 14, 1989.. but what the heck! my childhood is in the 90's.. :) 

so here it goes..

 favorite tv show

i actually have two :) i really loved hey arnold! and i am so happy its back on nickelodeon. (yes i still watch cartoons.. dont judge. its actually i think 3:00 am) and CLARISSA explain it all. who doesn't remember her!! 

favorite toy

yes.. its polly pocket who doesnt love that in the 90's.. i would pick barbie but i think i play with toy more than my barbies. 
 i only had one polly pocket.. and it was given by my aunt..

nsync or bsb?

i like bsb .. but i like nsync better! duh JT ! 
i had a huge crush on Justin, i even hated britney when she dated JT.
but i loved Britney though
(me singing: sometimes i run..... sometimes i hide.. sometimes im scared of but all i really want is to hold you tight treat you right... ok  enough!! :))

weirdest fashion trend

i actually bought something like this when i was little.. :)
i dont know why it was a trend. haha and i remember its itchy.,.
and i dont how i managed to bear the itchiness. 

favorite collectibles 

snoopy... we own a lot of snoopy..

how many tamagochi you go through ?

i only had one and i have to share it with my sister :)  and its violet... not pink.. 

favorite game system and game?

i remember this was called family computer.. 
and my favorite game was i think pacman..

Favorite Disney channel original movie?

never gets old. :)

Favorite music artist?

before nsync, i really loved spice girls and the moffats.. i think that was i think in 3rd grade.. that was the time we moved to a bigger house, had my own room.. had a tv.. and began loving MTV so much 
i had a huge crush on clint moffat.. and always call my self baby spice.. boooyah!
miss you like crazy and STOP was my jam.. 

Favorite Nick Jr. show?

who dont remember them?
they were fun.


Favorite candy

take a pick :)

Favorite game? (board game, school 

game, etc.)

fave game when i was in grade school..

Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?

i dont actually have a favorite toy but remember i had a lot time playing with hercules and cassandra and the i dont know unicorn? i dont remember.. 

Favorite book?

i love the sweet valley twins  

Favorite clothing store?

i really dont have any.. because my mom always buy us clothes.. my mom dresses me up.. sooo yah

What would you watch when you'd get 

home from school?

all that!

as told by ginger... 

hope you had fun reminiscing like i did!!!

i tag allof you!!! 

love, KRISNA

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