work: kiss yesterday goodbye.

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last last week our company had an event, i think a meeting for all the water district of ilocos ?
i dont but i was part of the registration team..
me and ate ethel.


i wore flats because i do not want to look like a tower whenever our number comes!
i can beat a guy's height you know.

i cant imagine i wore this uniform 

me with my uncle tris and ate riza.. really uncle? haha i call her kuya btw.

dept. store girl :)
sling bag: nine west
shoes: forever 21

obviously my hair went poofy arter having a hair cut :)
i hate that i have a small face and a big poofy hair. 
my hair has a mood..
sometimes its pretty sometimes its not.

looks like my tummy needs some exercise.
i've been doing zumba but sometimes my laziness strikes and i eat a lot
soooo.. no determination.. booohooo.. need inspiration 

this was taken rapidly.. haha a quick pose to my photographer richard who is going to be a daddy soon. 

some pictures of our numbers.

imagine im part of the choir.
spot me.

spot the girl in pink converse. hahaha 

had a fun night.
everyone thought i was drunk because i kept singing the videoke.
most of them dont know how i love to sing even if dont have a singing voice.

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