xmas is in the air at the velasco household

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advance merry christmas everyone!
dont you love my mom's xmas tree?
haha her color of choice. girly i know right 
actually it has white and pink lights but i didn;t capture the way it lit. 

by the way 
this is the juicy couture daydreamer bag i was talking about 
i actually have 5 bags plus this so its 6 plus i have 3 wallets.
(disclaimer: not bragging just saying)
that's how i love juicy couture.
i only have few but at least meron dba :)

favorite shoes ever: glittery TOMS
shorts: Hang Ten
Top: Forever 21 
Bag: juicy couture

photo fail. haha did my mom just took a picture of me blocking the tree? haha

and of course my baby trying to mock my smile.
thank god my baby is alright now. 
fever gone.!

how was your weekend?

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