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This year I’ve been obsessed with watches. Yes I’ve been online hunting for a very nice watch that could go with everything I wear. I think that’s the most important accessory for a girl.
yizzzzzz!! AND I WANT THEM ALL!!
(if only im so rich!)
Yes. I even have a list of what watch to buy.
So if you and you are reading this my love. You know what to buy for me on AUGUST!

i already have this in black
betseyville by betsey johnsons
 (fave atm)
i want this soooooo bad!
this is the perfect gold watch for me. 
i also want the pedigree watch from juicy couture but its too expensive :( i cant afford it.

but i already own a gold watch which was given by my mom.
and its kenneth cole

for my everyday watch! casual saturdays&sundays
since i always wearing shorts and tee
its always family day for me & family during weekends. 

SPROUT™ Watches Bird Dial Bracelet Watch

so cute right!

DKNY Small Round Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Elegant Watch and Wallet Tandem

The Aquatic Royalty Watch


these are some of my dream watches.!
i hope someday i'll have them all.

im so in love with watches right now!

goodnight guys!
i hope you'll post some of your dream watches too!

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