Even If It Breaks Your Heart


another effortless me..
one lazy friday. 
im soooo excited my mother in-law just arrived
went to the airport to see her & yes maybe this month 
i'll be gaining weight again because mac's mom is my second best cooker
xempre my mom cooks the best for me
mom in law gets the second place,
they cook very good. 
chef like!
these pictures was taken at the highest part of our office.
our secret place,
so if you're from Laoag and you haven't seen this mini beautiful open chapel 
come & visit ilocos norte water district
its free!!!

according to priests this place is where the first mass of the laoag/ilocos was held.
this place was also a cemetery. 
its history you know.!

will take pictures of the former hotel next time!
where my lolo the late Engr. Saturnino T. Velasco the first &  former general manager of INWD's 
first office after it got burned down!

yes i am a legend of the water district
third generation!
i got hired 3 jobs before i was hired at INWD.
but you know my loyalty is with my lolo :)
im only working here because my dad says so. 

but its really fun working here i've known every person who works here ever since i was a kid.
the office was my play ground.

remember my previous entries.
this is ton one of my closest ojt
i hope he'll get hired after his ojt here. 
i really like him a lot.

my kind of armparty!

this bib necklace is from my gran gran.

simple but pretty!

jeggings: mossimo
shoes: forever21

emote mode ang peg!
epic fail. :)

hope you are having good time!
happy monthsarry to us!
6 years & 3 months! 
forever to go!

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