all is fair in love and war

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i dont have an idea 
why i decided to wore black :)
last friday!!
since im out of pants to wear
i wore a dress!

meet ate TIN-TIN
remember the post i said i do not wear high heels because this rock stairs. 
thank god i was designated at the COMMERCIAL 
better right!
now i can wear my heels na!!
i was wearing flats 
because it was raining 
and i dont wanna ruin any of my beautiful shoes!

meet one of my OJT :) and soon to be one of us (hoping)
Ton is one the closest ojts' i had.. yahhh because we have the same alma matter
aside from my two previous ojts' this guy has the guts to go over our house 
and chill lang. 

ate TIN 
is one of my chika buddies. && Drinking buddy too!
she's so fun, although at first i thought she's so ma OKRAY.
i have seen the real her!
she's just that! 
you know!!
So Giddy!
and we're on the same boat!
good at insulting people 
just kidding!
we're too good to be true. 
we're not insulting them, we're describing them!

other photo we took!

Its up for you to judge :)

and yes i do not remove my ID inside the office 
because i am not allowed to take it off during office hours.

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