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weekend with boredom 
i was so bored i had to take pictures of myself. :)
was going to take my outfit shots out outside but it rained :(
so yes.
this is the outcome

we were suppose to go shopping again but my dad didn't allow us.
i really love how my mom and i did little shopping sprees 3 weekends in a row.
haha really!
we've been going to the movies pa. always her treat. 
in return, i do whatever my mom tells me to do. 
even in my laziest days. 
good daughter.

my old room.
old because i do not live at my parents 
house anymore.
i have been planning to renovate it. 
but i still i have to decide on things.
especially my walk in closet 

top: forever21
shorts: thift
earrings: vintage

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