Office Diaries: Its a small world

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here's what i wore last Friday.
yay me.

i wore this gray polo .!
anti-summer ang lola mo. 
i have no time searching kasi. 
i had to choose this coz its the only one hanging that's already ironed.
and im running late that morning. 

but! still cute. haha still managed to be pretty.

this shoes is my favorite at the moment. haha and this bag too. 
perfect for the summer. 

hello big face.

this bag is perfect for summer, dont you think so? its so colorful 
(bag: marc by marc jacobs)

watch:  GUESS
yes. that's my favorite ID. i have a new one but i don't use it. 

cuff: a gift.

how sad.. i think we wont be able to do the trip this summer.
too bad, but i hope my love has a plan B. 
bee thinking too much lately. 
napupurnada tuloy mga plano namen. 

this is all for now i've got decisions to make!


xx, krisnastassia
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