he's not the best, but he's awesome

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something, my brother wrote from his letter for my mom and dad,  yahhhh...
yesterday, i was on-leave, because i have some important matter to do. plus i was a photographer for a day, yes, my baby brother just graduated from high school. almost cried when he finally received his diploma.
i even forced him to ask his exs'  if i could take a photo of them.!coz im just too bossy like that! haha. its for remembrance (diba?), my brother has a lot of secrets. he even hide his gf's from us.. but good thing he got friends who spill his secrets out.! haha.

well, happy graduation to my Only brother who gave me a cute teddy bear during my 18th birthday.
hahaha isnt he the sweetest brother ever. && he was only a 5th grader then.

me & markee, during the commencement

my baby brother, all grown up, even taller than me na.!

here's my "brather" haha. yahhh brather, coz she's s HE. 


me & my daddy. 


this what i wore yesterday.
TOP: penshoppe
Blazer:(Folded) SM Department Store
Shorts: Mom's Closet.
earrings: fine ivory
necklace: from my grandma
watch:  Kenneth Cole
Bracelets: Thrift!
sHOES: thrift!

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