make it all better when i'm feeling sad

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loving the print of my shorts.
i am so ready for summer

look how long legs are. 

maybe you're wondering why i always wear flats, its because all of my friends are short, and i don't wanna look like the Eiffel tower when i wear pumps or anything that makes me taller.

shoes: FOREVER 21
Top: Penshoppe
Shorts: Red Head
Bangles: Thrift
Ring: deliveredFromtheStates.
Headband: SM Accessories

these pictures are taken in my room at my parent's house. 
i have the largest room in the house, even bigger than my parent's room.
i have my own walk-in closet plus two doors.. 
talk about favoritism 
i really miss staying here.



i love my room, i used to have so many butterflies in this room but got tired of being girly.
now it looks so plain.  

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