happens all the time, love

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Friday is my favorite day because that's the day when i get the chance to dress up.. a little
there are some rules in the office, most hated rule is, i cant wear skirts (but i do wear them but not all the time, just when im running late) & shorts (i wear shorts during Saturdays ONLY, Overtime day).  haha sucks to be me.
i never wear jeans when we have programs outside the office. 

so this is what i wore

Top: giftFromGrandma
shoes: FOREVER21
Jeans: BENCH
Watch:  GUESS
Accessories: Thrift&GiftFromHardy

forgive the huge face & My Beautiful I.D. 
will show my new one when i get the chance. 

Messy hair, that's who i am.
thinking of having a haircut or curl it.
effortless krisna.


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