we found love in a hopeless place.

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i really love how my love can handle everything. He always makes me smile. He always makes the first move whenever we fight. Even the worst fights, he never gave up just to win back my trust.

I wished I kept and never deleted our pictures back in high school. We broke up 2 years but we got back together in college. Isn’t that destiny? We started so young… we were only 14. Look how far we turn out to be. Now we have markee, our investment. JI’m looking forward to have a baby girl but not now. wala pa kaming bahay!! hehehe

this is our rings.. 

back in college

his gift to me. 1st monthsarry. haha. a collage of our picture.

I went to my parents’ house to visit my dad and siblings, since mom is in manila… I cooked paella!! Hell yeah!! I really don’t know how to cook anything but whenever I am alone in kitchen, I can cook. But if someone’s watching me the dish don’t taste good. Better off without an assistant. 

here's what i wore. yesterday.


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