thank god its friday!

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im going to this every Friday, since that's the only day i don't wear uniform...
my id sucks. manas pa pic ko.

thank you hair!

macky's laptop. haha since he doesn't want to use this, he uses my laptpop instead imagine. this where i sit. its a mini cubicle, we requested it to our boss and tada! will take a picture of it when i have time.

this is one my ojt lovies. :P my photographer. hehehehe its ginky.

my fave.. :)

me and my bestfriend with baby frincezca.

makes me wanna have a baby girl na. haha.. oppps! let's plan for the wedding first. :)

look here's my newest niece, the first baby girl of the kuplat family.

this is what i wore last night.! wrong bag i know. i didn't realize that until i got in the hospital.

nakakainis yang naka white na girl feeling, btw girlfriend of my lab's barkada.

i wear shades in the office like a boss
parang tanga lang.

i made this bff bracelets, coz i can't afford anything that is beyond my price expectationsss.. and i just cant think of buying an expensive one if i can make one for my own. :P not for sale kasi ginaya ko lang. :) hehe.

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