splash of color.

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i was suppose to post this when it finally arrived but im so busy with everything. natambakan ako ng work,.. i hope when my vacation leave comes and when i come back from manila-laguna, all my paper works are all finished by my ojt lovies... hope they dont have any seminars this week. *fingers  crossed*

tada!! my package from artcessories
im super excited for this to arrive.
it finally came.

me at the office. haha.
i looked so stressed. pero keri lang!

i was looking for my old accessories back in college i thought i lost them all but look what i've found. i can now throw some color and splash on my plain outfits. most of it are from the states. costume jewelries are one of my fave collection back then, eversince the hubby and i got back together, he hated the "maarte and kikay me" sooooo.. i stopped using these.. pero.. haiii.. here i am again convincing him to love the maarte me. :) haha 


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