Phony charades

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She’s all grins to my face, but I am feelingthe instant I turn my back she’s telling all and sundry how fake I am. Shetends to ruin both relationship and reputation. She ruined my reputation once,why give her an opportunity to do it for the second time. And after all, I amnot exaggerated of the issue to any further extent. I am delighted she has done that, at least wesaw the real her in the inside. I know I talk a lot, but I know when to bringit to an end. Well enough said, I remembered how she use to be the closest ofthe closest but look what happened. Now I believe that your greatest enemy isyour friend. *very well said.

So since the half-gendered bro-in-lawarrived from hong-kong, we went to the mall yesterday. He was in a hurry so we didn’t stayed therefor too long. He was even pissed, all because of the service of pizza hut.

Well all is well, Ends Well.

photo take by my bro-in-law

This is what I wore that day. My After workoutfit.

meet my bro-in-law

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