what's in my bag?

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What’s in my bag?

So these are the things I always bring with me.

  • My phones –both globe, :) for my old number andfor my line.

  • My wallet. –can’t go out without money

  • My f21 Compact mirror

  • A comb. – I have 3 combs actually just in case Imisplace one of it.
  • My rayban aviator --- my favorite shades. Nevergets old.

  • A Sanitizer

  • An alcohol

  • My pepper spray – just in case (my dad gave thisto me)

  • Pens.

  • Perfume. – The only scent I use ever since I wasin high school

  • My make up kit. – I rarely use make up.

  • A scarf – just in case it gets chilly in theoffice/wherever I go.--
  • An umbrella –

  • And lastly my digital camera. --- (not in the picture.)

I always carry a bag that fits everything I need. The onlysmall bag I have is that Chanel sling bag my mom gave me (only used when I’mreally lazy to carry loads of things or when it matches my outfit.). As they say the bigger the better.

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