i love you to the moon and back!

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first thing the in mornin'
had brunch at KFC!
then to MACAU
monthsarry in macau!
after a night out at hardrock wwe went straight to macau.

my babies.

one day at MACAU!

dont you just love my glittery shoes?
its from toms!!!
i actually fell in love with it.
looking for a glittery/white/silver bag though.
i couldn't find less expensive in macau or hongkong.
i was running out of cash. all i have is my magic card!! (credit card)
and i think im over my limit so i didn't used it in macau.
last thing i bought was my mom's ipad mini. yup she's techie alright!

chopped lips i know.
that's why i didn't wore any lipstick he whole vacay.
my lips are suffering from wind burn :(

oh! i almost forgot all of my pictures posted in my hongkong/macau trip are hardway's photog's
was too lazy to take pictures
good thing i didn't bring along our dslr.

hope you guys are having a good time.

xoxo, krisna
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