its 14!


yay me!
its our 53rd month.
sorry but we're not the kind of couple who will celebrate every monthsarries
we're just too cool for that
my hubby surprise me really good, we doesn't want me to expect anything during our monthsarry 
a simple dinner that's it. 
what i love id
 if he wants make a day so bongga
bam! he's gonna surprise me unexpectedly 
random days. and TIME!
especially during dawn. 
days that i wont be thinking about surprises.
awesome right!?
well for me. :)

anyhoo, these pictures are taken at my secret place.
happy friday.

high low skirt: mossimo || belt: forever21 || top: Target 
accessories: i dont know where my grangran bought those || watch: guess
Iphone Case: CathKidston || shoes: SABATO || Shades borrowed from my photographer

trying a super girl pose haha.
was trying to do a jump shot but im too afraid to fall
and yes those rocks!!

i dont need to be skinny
im pretty much okay with what i have :)

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