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forgive the low resolution i just copied this picture to the PGIN facebook page. 
im such a lazy blogger. 
i even forgot my camera yesterday. so this is all i got. 
i wore a floral dress with a cardigan, i hate to say this but my love didn't allow me to bare my back.
so yahhh.. haha

the reason why i become lazy and so busy because
i'm busy watching channels at youtube.com
i've been watching vlogs lately
i didn't know that vlogging was fun.
i want to try it someday but i think i will stick to blogging
im sorry :)

watching about hauls, room tours, what's in my purse .. and more....
i think my room will pass that room tour!
i mean, my room is like so organized, clean and so girly..
planning to have a room tour and what's in my purse. 
especially the beach bag.
but thru blogging.. 
im not really in to filming because im such a shy person 
and i dont know want to be a laughing stuff. 
soon... abangan mga kaibigan. 
i'll have a room tour real soon as long

this is all for now. 

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