long hair, don't care.

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haha seriously, i want my hair short but my love doesn't want me to have a haircut.
he prefers my long messy hair. 
this is the second longest hair i have ever had.
my first was when i was in high school.. after i graduated, i cut it really short, and everyone was shocked.
but it was pretty tho, but my love really prefers my messy long hair. i dont know why. he sucks big time. 
but i love him so PAGBIGYAN.

here's my outfit of the day last friday. 
yahhhh. remember when i told you, my only free day is friday.
there you have it. 

Blazer: h&m gift from my bro-in-law || Jeans: CANDY || Top: Levis || Shoes: Forever21

dont say it!
i know i gained so much weight.

how was your friday?

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