(Kissed You) Good Night

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 did you ever ask yourself why you fell inlove with his corniest move in the first place? and you cant help but laugh at it. you cant imagine he did those things just please you... boy. i miss those things.. haha. and you just cant imagine how marklaw is known as "PULIS"and yet he's the sweetest taste of sin? haha. i bet you wont believe that.. :) he captured my heart with his little things. ^_^ haha. 

re-post from my multiply account.
back when my career at blogging is all about love hahahaha
kinareer na talaga eh.
i dont want to post all the things i have said. its too corny, i cant imagine i wrote those things before.

these pictures were taken back then
before we had markee. :)
yahhh i know.
short hair!

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